Apartment Turnover Checklist

Make turns simple.

For property managers, apartment unit turnovers can be part of the everyday job. Utilize our apartment turnover checklist to keep track of all the components that need repairs, replaced, or upgraded in each unit between occupants. Stock up on the essentials now to save time and money for future unit turnovers.

What should I do and why?

The national renter turnover rate is improving, but it's still nearly 50%! Stocking up on turn essentials in advance will save you time and money.


Preventative Maintenance

A 2017 Multifamily Insiders survey found the average apartment building is more than 30 years old. The older your building, the more important preventative maintenance is to the lifetime of your property. Turn season is the perfect time to catch up on preventative maintenance that may have been overlooked while the unit was occupied.


Freshen Up

Residents want their apartment to look brand new—even if it wasn't left that way. Your turn checklist should include filling holes, painting and cleaning. For an extra boost in resident satisfaction, consider updating cabinet drawer pulls and knobs in the kitchen and bathrooms for a fresh, renovated look.


Smart Tech Upgrades

Property owners who embrace smart home amenities see excellent return on investment. These upgrades help with resident renewal and position older properties favorably against new competitors. Standard rent increases for smart tech upgrades are around $25 a month!

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